Why you are deluded if you think climate change is caused by humans, and why trying to control climate change will not possibly have any outcome except your death.

The fear of death; personal death, Earth's death; is a reflection of inner knowledge of a refusal to grow and adapt. Life will go on with or without you. The Earth will outlive every last person that claims to love it while committing self-destruction. The universe will outlive every planet in our solar system and every star in our galaxy. Caring for life means obtaining self knowledge so that you may make changes to preserve life's continued existence. No amount of tampering with the environment will adapt your inner self.

If I take a towel and douse it with water then throw it in a dark damp environment, the towel will likely grow mildew. This mildew is alive and well as long as it's environment remains static. If I take the towel and put it outside in a dry hot environment with the sun beating down, the mildew will die. No matter how much struggle the mildew has, it will never survive the sun and dry air, the only way it could survive is if it learns to adapt to that environment.

The entire universe has it's own life that goes infinitely beyond human life. There is no possibility that humans could ever adapt the environment around them to suit current human life. There will always be more to the universe that is outside our sphere of control. Fighting to change the universe will never succeed. The only hope humans could ever have to survive is to adapt themselves to the environment around them.

The planet will change on it's own no matter how much carbon we pump into the atmosphere. No matter how many trees we cut down, no matter how much plastic we throw into the ocean, all of our activity is on the level of bacteria in a petri dish trying to change the actions of the scientist who is conducting an experiment. The water in the ocean is subject to gravity that pulls it down, and sunlight that heats and turns the water into clouds. Even if the water had sentience, it could never hope to change these laws of nature, it could only hope to somehow change itself to no longer be subject to the same laws.

Those who claim that we can change the Earth to prevent it from killing us have the most inflated ego imaginable. To think that we have the power to manipulate the entire planet to our will in a matter of years, when this planet has existed for millennia without us is naive to say the least. If we could change the Earth all we could possibly do is destroy it's ability to support our life, similar to a virus stopping the beating of it's host's heart.

Rather than focusing on tampering with our environment, I claim that to preserve life, we must seek inner knowledge and learn to adapt ourselves to the changes around us. This is how human life has come into existence, and surely it is how human life will transcend it's current reality and become life which can exist beyond the present.

If I cannot survive the onslaught of bacteria, fungus, and virii that presents itself; if I cannot survive the breakdown of my DNA and the progressive diseases that take the life of most humans before 100 years of life... Then, I cannot ever possibly hope to survive the natural changes of the Earth I live on, for I cannot even survive the changes of my body. The wise path may be to focus on the aspects of life I have sure control over, and master those, before trying to tackle problems outside of my personal control.